Who is Eligible

You do not Need a Referral to Become Our Patient

Physician House Calls will currently provide in-home visits to patients within Wichita and nearby area (see our coverage page for more location information). Although, we do accept referrals directly from hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, nurses, family members, care givers, case managers, social workers, therapists, insurance companies, religious organizations, and friends.

Call (316) 312-0002 to schedule an appointment by phone OR request an in-home house call medical visit online through this website under “request an appointment”.

We will see anyone in their home, who is HOMEBOUND. Homebound does NOT mean the patient must be confined to the home. People who only make occasional and infrequent outings due to health problems (shortness of breath, mobility problems, or any impairment) are considered homebound. You do NOT need to be homebound to receive in-home medical office visits through Physician House Calls.

We will see anyone in their home for any reason, EXCEPT mere convenience. There are other house calls companies in the area, who are willing to provide “convenience care” or concierge medicine on a cash basis for those people who prefer the convenience of house calls over crowded waiting rooms and long waits. We specialize specifically in caring for those people who have difficulty getting to a medical clinic.

Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance companies will pay for a medical house call (“”in-home” medical office visit), if you meet ANY of the following criteria:

  • Leaving home isn’t recommended due to current health condition.
    • People at high risk for falls where an environmental assessment is required
    • People with severe and disruptive behavioral problems making a clinic visit problematic
    • People with compromised immune system, where patient should not be exposed to illnesses
    • People with severe heart disease who must avoid stress
  • Leaving home takes a considerable taxing effort.
    • People with severe mobility problems
    • People with severe disability (mental, emotional, physical)
    • People with severe pain and/or weakness
    • People with dementia or severe memory impairment
    • People with end-stage terminal illness
    • A person in any situation where coming to a clinic appointment would be either impossible or very difficult (i.e., pain/discomfort, effort, cost, and/or logistics) from the standpoint of the patient or their caregivers to accomplish
  • Leaving home can only be done with assistance
    • use of walker, wheelchair, or other assistive device (crutches, canes, ect.)
    • need for special transportation
    • need assistance of another person

House calls by physician and nurse practitioners are covered by Medicare even if the patient does not meet one of the above homebound criteria. Medicare will pay for a medical house call as long as there is a reason justified for a home visit instead of an office visit. Patient convenience and patient requests (without reason) are NOT the types of justifications that Medicare is looking for, however.

Other reasons that may justify a home visit include:

  • Lack of transportation that causes difficulty getting to a medical office
  • Provider needs to assess the home setting
  • Provider needs to involve home-based care givers
  • Patient simply doesn’t feel well enough to drive to a clinic or urgent care center
  • Cognitive, psychiatric, or emotional inability to go into the office
  • Family/caregiver requests home visit for patient who refuses to go to the clinic for a visit, but is willing to be seen in the home