Physician House Calls of Kansas

Physician House Calls of Kansas is a locally owned team of doctors and nurse practitioners, who are the leaders in providing old-fashioned medical house calls for homebound patients.  Our practice brings the doctor’s office to the comfort of your home.  Our team of primary care providers not only addresses your physical and emotional needs but also ministers to your spiritual needs as well.  We provide primary medical care house calls within Wichita and nearby areas (see our Coverage Page for more information).

our dedicated staff

Physician House Calls of Kansas is dedicated to simplifying healthcare. We aim to provide the highest quality, most convenient, Christ-like, patient-centered healthcare to people in their homes and in the community, when they have difficulty making a trip to a medical office or clinic.

Medicare and most insurance companies will pay for an “in-home” office visit if you meet any of the following:

  • Leaving home isn’t recommended due to a current health condition.
  • leaving home takes a considerable effort.
  • Leaving home can only be done with the help of a walker, wheelchair, special transportation, or another person.

If you are ill or need a refill on your prescription medication and cannot get to a medical clinic for any reason, call us to schedule a medical visit in the convenience of your own home.

Holiday Hours

Physician House Calls of Kansas maintains 24/7 on-call support to our clients even during the holidays