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All About Vaping 2

All About Vaping

What is ‘Vaping’? Electronic cigarettes (ecigs) are a modern way of quitting smoking, while still getting the “feel” and nicotine from smoking.  At the moment, there’s still not enough long-term data to determine if vaping helps smokers quit in both the short and long term durations, but many studies are reporting favorable results. The process of …

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Understanding Dementia 3

Understanding Dementia

It’s not uncommon for people to refer to Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as if they were interchangeable terms.  However, this isn’t the case; Dementia refers to a group of disorders that cause a loss of memory, clarity of thought, communication, and thinking skills, to the point of impairing day-to-day life.  Alzheimer’s, for instance, is a specific form …

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Have You Heard The News?

Rumors are spreading like wildfire about Advanced Mobile Healthcare selling to a local home health company.  Rae Lyn began the interview saying, “Of course I didn’t sell the company. However, we do have some exciting things happening.  I’m sure this has fueled the rumor mill.” To get to where things are now, we need to look …

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The Social and Emotional Effects of Cancer 6

The Social and Emotional Effects of Cancer

Any debilitating or life threatening disease, including cancer, causes emotional effects in addition to any physical changes that may occur. This article discusses four separate cancer cases, because the reaction of friends, family, and others are always unique.  Furthermore, signs and symptoms present differently in various cancers and treatments.  Thus, sometimes it’s very evident a …

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